Wednesday, 5 November 2014

There's Good TV, Bad TV and then there's Stupid !

Stupid ... Allow me to start by using this word because while there might be tons of other words to describe a useless TV I think Stupid stands on the top of the list. I had just spent 3 months in Khartoum and i can already notice that while we do not care to admit this publicly we actually watch a lot of TV in sudan, like there wont be a time in any house where there's no one watching TV, it could be you, your parents, your siblings or just TV playing while your grandma is sleeping.

But wither its Blue Nile TV, Omdurman TV, Khartoum TV or Even the National TV and the list goes on, all these Channels has completely no educating content not even the basics 5 Categories of TV shows  properly, its either too much of this or too much of that, One thing for sure is there will be a lot of Singing, i think it safe to say that we don't have to worry about running out of singers in Sudan because thanks to our TV channels everyday we have a new face in TV. there was a time when you could find the best drama on National Television. now all the creative new talents found their way into Youtube and they have done a wonderful job creating amazing Movies, short film and programs.. if the officials would just give them a chance.

There must be a way that we can refresh the crew that runs the TV, no offence to anyone but most of the people who Create the TV programs nowadays are the same people whom have been doing it since ever, I know some of you will tell me now that we always see youth from this generation on the TV screen from time to time.. Well that's the things, what i said is that their ideas are outdated but i said nothing about them not being smart, it doesn't take a genies to know that in order to attract audience from a certain generation you have to use the same people to appear in the show, unfortunately only to appear but not to run the show. if we had people from the current generation running the shows and writing the programs they'd know what programs to put for children because they know what's nowadays kids are into most, they'd know how to do a proper public service announcements to make people aware of something, instead of the current PSA about cleaning the streets in BNtv, its full of old actors who are unsuccessfully trying to be humorous, And There is great difference between what's funny and what's pathetic.

Before i end my piece of mind i'd like to wrap up  by a Worthy-mention habit that most of our Tv channels in Sudan has been doing for as long as i could remember and i am sure that most of you who had the honour of watching our beloved channels are familiar with it , is the Musical break in every Program or show, It could be any show for all you know but they have to bring up this musical break, they could be talking about politic topic, medical topic or even religious topic.. our beautiful host will kindly stop the argument and say "Thanks to my guest but before we continue lets take a musical break from our new talent the upcoming artist Noory :P "

Its sad to see most sudanese find their share of enjoyment and fun on Whatsapp and Youtube.

Noory Taha

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