Monday, 2 May 2011

UCTI Sport Carnival Experiense !!

 I thought it's hard to be a part of An event organizing team and the ideas of me being busy and not attending my classes started dropping on my mind. but i had to think again. because i was the project manager of UCTI Sport Carnival 2011. i had bad times organizing as it was my first Experience to organize and event that targeted more than 800 Students. 
that's not the only thing because it was also my first few weeks in the Student Counsel at my University college 2011, as i don't know a lot of people in the board except for one or tow. some were nice to me and helped me a lot, and others i was too blind and busy to notice that they were trying to help. 

Happily WE managed to finish the event together with the team work, it was a bit late but we managed to make it happened. it's too sad that most of us had to got away after that. but in the bright side we were more united then we were.