Saturday, 3 March 2012

Straight Visions

We always have a plan for the thing that we wants to see ourselves doing in the future , someone wants to be a doctor another wants to be an actor , artist or even a director, but i saw a lot of adults who used to have this visions before and they end up doing something else, So my words to you all is to focus in what you are trying to do or be, Don't even let anything takes you away from your plans , Yes sometimes life may not go exactly the way you wants it but at the end we all know that its you who decide what you want to do. So don't just sit and hope things come your way , instead be the boss and make them come your way. Me i wants to be a great video producer my hopes are limitless, Hollywood ? why not ? lots of ppl made it with the hardwork. 
Chase your dreams you can make it .. cuz its never too late. 
Noory Taha~