Friday, 23 April 2010

Hate Lovers

Blind hate

Again I'm saying that the world is going on and nothing gonna stop it . I'm still here in Malaysia doing my degree and life here seems very good , although i was supposed to be doing my degree in Canada but things doesn't always go as we planed for it.

let's skip this now i'm gonna talk about those people i know here in Kuala Lumpur , they used to be my friends last time but now i don't know what's wrong with them , they started looking for any mistake to hate me even though it's not my mistake. simply they hate with No Reasons !! that's why i called them " HATE LOVERS " .

i have one friend of mine , he used to disturb them like making fun of them and to be honest i didn't really like the way he do that, because they are also my friends and i have no Discrimination on that wither this is black or white or this is boy or girl , so Of course they started hating him and i don't blame them, but the weird thing is that they also started being rude with me And guess why ? because he is my friend or i don't rule out if i said it's maybe because I'm " Black ".

any way what i want to say is you shouldn't blame someone for someone else mistakes . you don't have to be " HATE LOVER " baby.