Thursday, 14 October 2010


OK , If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience. YUP it's me at this time Back at 2009 i was doing so well with my hole crew of media Students. it was The Marketing Summer Bazaar Assignment where we are suppose to work as a team to cross that and work it out, i knew better from the start that i shouldn't have been in the same group with a racist guy who doesn't care wither you are human or not a boy or girl or whatever, he doesn't care unless you are from his own country. time passed and i know i should have been more wise to whom i'm dealing with, so therefore he put a bad mark to me in the assignment work evaluation report, and according to him my lecturer Gave me very low mark on the assignment. and that's why i had to do it again this year 2010 with different people, hopefully things will work out this time. the thing is that i was so Upset about being oppressed but i knew no one will ever do something about it , and those who would .. they couldn't. but now i'm no longer mad at that guy because anger never makes any sense , and Hating people is like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat. now i have new people who seems very nice and kind, and i hope friendship would least forever.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Since she was the one of the less people that i know in my new life , we became very close friends; and just for the record by friends i mean only friends or close friends. It was a big thing for me to have such a friend whom understand me more than i do understand myself. OK .. this girl had to go somewhere away for a while due to family reasons i guess, i was having that feeling of being alone with no one to talk to , some one to understand me or stand by me and take by me hand when i need help. Anyhow i got to get over it and walk on with my new life, i have meet new friends , really great friends whom i never thought that i'll be friend with them one day. And then now she's back to my world .. but not to my life yet, she's very different now and she's acting so weird, what's wrong ? I absolutely have no idea, all i know that she changed a lot. I don't know whether this change is for the good or for the worse, But all i hope that it will be for the best.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

This Too Should Pass

Sometimes I feel like a pug. Sometimes I am too hard on myself. I am a perfectionist and when I have made a mistake when I’ve tried my best, it takes over me. It’s all or nothing. It’s I’m either perfect at it, or I’m incompetent. It’s frustrating. If I make one tiny, and even meaningless mistake in work, or school, or life in general, that’s it. I’m an idiot. Well…ok so I’ll feel like this for about a day, but nevertheless, it’s there.

However, one thing we kept learning in my life course is that it is OKAY to make mistakes (sounds like common sense to somebody who already lives this). But that is what makes us human. Some people think whatever, and brush it off like nothing. Some people dwell. Some people take it as a learning opportunity. I need to start internalizing the more positive way at looking at things, because too much in the past, if I screwed up, no matter how minor, I’d think that I was never destined to do this particular thing.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Being a nice person ..

i remember that i'v done somthin nice to one of my friends even though he wasn't nice to me , when he Was attacked from group of ppl here in KL .. the whole class wa watchin' when he got attacked .. but nobody stand out and said the truth... after the management asked , therefore I have been the only witness who speak out knowing that it may be Dangerous for me cuz of those ppl may came back to deal with the one who give them up .. any ways i didnt know why i did that .. but i think doing good things somtimes feels great .

Friday, 23 April 2010

Hate Lovers

Blind hate

Again I'm saying that the world is going on and nothing gonna stop it . I'm still here in Malaysia doing my degree and life here seems very good , although i was supposed to be doing my degree in Canada but things doesn't always go as we planed for it.

let's skip this now i'm gonna talk about those people i know here in Kuala Lumpur , they used to be my friends last time but now i don't know what's wrong with them , they started looking for any mistake to hate me even though it's not my mistake. simply they hate with No Reasons !! that's why i called them " HATE LOVERS " .

i have one friend of mine , he used to disturb them like making fun of them and to be honest i didn't really like the way he do that, because they are also my friends and i have no Discrimination on that wither this is black or white or this is boy or girl , so Of course they started hating him and i don't blame them, but the weird thing is that they also started being rude with me And guess why ? because he is my friend or i don't rule out if i said it's maybe because I'm " Black ".

any way what i want to say is you shouldn't blame someone for someone else mistakes . you don't have to be " HATE LOVER " baby.