Saturday, 8 March 2014

Pray for MH370

I just heard the news about the missing MH370 flight - malaysian Airlines, and i just cant seem to describe how sad i am, i have no confirmation if wither, the flight is missing or did it crash, but i dont think anyone should experience such an incident, being in that plane or having someone in that plane, it bugs me when i see some posts on my facebook mocking and making fun of the incident to.. what happened to us forgetting that there are people in that plane & cabin crew who are long away from home, they missed their family, god its terrifying just to think of the idea of losing someone there. sometimes i just wish there's another way to travel which is as effective as planes but less dangerous.
for those who have someone in MH370 may good news come your way. and for those who are as sad as i am with this incident, i will say pray as hard as you can for these people.

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