Monday, 3 February 2014

2 moments of clarity before you fall asleep

If You want to understand my words play the song below first.. if you dont then just consider it bad writing..  but please listen to the whole song. 

They say if you want to do your Brain a favor then just take a day off from thinking about the future  or the past. But it's that time when you lay your head in your bed thinking that this is the time to rest after having such a long day. that time could be 5,10 or 20 minutes or even an hour, no matter how long or short that time is .. you can never escape these 2 moments. 

 The first moment is when you realize that you are still alive for pretty much a reason,  you can feel it, you can sense it but you just can't figure out what's that reason.. and maybe you think you know it but then again if you really do know it then why are you still awake thinking about it ? keep going .. I mean thinking.   

The second moment is when you try to calculate the amount of things/ mistakes you said you'd be insane if you exceed it, and you realize that you went beyond insanity, by not being honest to the closest people to you.. the person you should trust, love, believe in and count on to save your soul when there's no hope for so, that would be you. so you can try as much as you like my friend but believe that when I said there is no escape.. I really meant it.  

These are 2 moments of clarity before you fall asleep By I am No Hero. 

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